Fidyah Location

A person has died in the UK and now the children want to give fidyah for the deceased to the poor in Pakistan. Which place rate should be taken into consideration, Pakistan or the place where the person died (UK)?

Wasiyyah (Bequest) of ‘some’ wealth

If someone makes a wasiyyah (bequest) that ‘from my wealth, first give some as sadaqah (charity) and thereafter, distribute the rest upon my inheritors.’ Thereafter, the individual did not specify the amount of money to give as his bequest, before he passed away. What will be the ruling for this wasiyyah?

Eligibility of Receiving Zakāt When In Debt

Assalam Alaykum w w, I asked a question a couple of weeks ago about my brother in law if he was eligible for zakat, he is a divorcee with 1 11 year old child, he does work but literally just gets by. He doesn’t have any assets. He is also in debt with a lot of people which he had done deliberately to please his wife. Recently he has been in an accident where he has broken 1 leg and 1 arm, which has been operated on. So he wants to go back to work because he has no income to support himself and his son. Please would appreciate a reply, as everyone has different views on whether he is eligible for zakat. Jazakallah Khair.

Surgery to Remove Marks

I wanted to know if it is permissible to get surgery done to remove marks from the face? I know that plastic surgery is haraam but I wanted to know if removing marks permanently from the face is classed as the same or if it’s allowed?

Changing Kafan

After laying the deceased on the kafan following a complete ghusl, just before they are actually shrouded in the kafan, sometimes some impurity from the decreased may fall on the kafan. This is especially nowadays since due to Covid much pressure may not be applied to the belly when bathing. What is the ruling? I heard the same kafan must be used now. Or is it allowed to replace it with a cleaner and fresh one?

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