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Who Runs DeenSpire?
The website is headed by Mufti Mubasshir Talha Ahmed. Completed Qur’an Hifz and ‘Alimiyyah in Lancashire, North West England. Studied formal Ifta’ syllabus under senior Muftis of the UK, whilst continuing his Fatawa writing, under the tutelage of Mufti Tahir Wadee Sahib and Mufti Yusuf Ilolvi Sahib. Received formal Ifta’ Ijazah, to practice as a Mufti, from various Muftis including Mufti Yusuf Ilolvi Sahib of Gujarat, India. For testimonials from senior Scholars, refer to the following page: Testimonials

Note: All views and opinions expressed on this site belong only to Mufti Mubasshir, any concurring Ulama’ and the senior approving Muftis – they do not in any way represent or reflect the views of any institutions to which he may be affiliated.

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Disclaimers for the entire site including all Fatwas/Articles:
Arguments and ideas propounded are based on the juristic interpretations and reasoning of the author. Given that contemporary issues and their interpretations are subjective in nature, another Mufti may reach different conclusions to the one expressed by the author. Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure total accuracy and soundness from a Shari’ah perspective, the author is open to any correction or juristic guidance. In the event of any juristic shortcomings, the author will retract any or all of the conclusions expressed within this answer.

The Shari’ah rulings given are based specifically on the scenario in question (outlined on each individual Fatwa). The author bears no responsibility towards any party that acts or does not act on this answer and is exempted from any and all forms of loss or damage.  This answer may not be used as evidence in any court of law without prior written consent from the author. Consideration is only given and is restricted to the specific links provided, we do not endorse nor approve of any other content the website may contain.